UNI Botanical Center

Welcome to the UNI Botanical Center

Botanical Center Photo CollageSince 1938 the UNI Botanical Center has been home to a very extensive and diverse collection of plants, which have been studied and enjoyed by generations of students, faculty, staff and public visitors.

Through the Botanical Center, UNI students are offered the unique experience of:

  • Learning the relationships between plant species as well as the evolution of plant species.

  • Climate and plant diversity.

  • Plant adaptations to climate and ecosystems. 

Two full time professional staff are assisted by UNI students who have an opportunity to learn horticultural techniques, while maintaining an extraordinary plant collection.  

The UNI Biology Botanical Center Teaching Collection contains a diversity of species that range from ancient tree ferns and cycads to a large number of economically important varieties from around the world. These excellent resources offer students the unique experience of seeing, smelling and touching living plants; learning first hand about the relationships between plant species and the evolution of plant species; climate and plant diversity; and plant adaptation to various climates and ecosystems. 

The ecological setting in which the plants are grown provides the basis for real life demonstrations of how organisms are connected within their environments. The botanical center operation itself allows for student internships on botanical center techniques and management.