UNI Botanical Center


It's here!

The 2021 Plant Sale information you've been waiting for follows- check out the captions to get a brief description of the anticipated contents of each box!!!!

Here's how it works:

Call in at (319)-273-2247 on Monday, April 26th between the hours of 9AM- 3PM to place your order. First call, first booked until items sell out.

**Please be prepared to schedule your specific pickup time between the hours of 9AM- 3PM on Wednesday (04/28) or Thursday (04/29). Please keep this date scheduled in your records & be prepared to write down your confirmation number (required at pickup).**

  • If your initial call does not go through, PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL providing your name, number & boxes of interest. We will return your voicemail in the order received.
  • Your order is complete once you receive your confirmation number, we will then provide instructions on pickup procedure. We will ONLY accept exact cash or check made out to UNI Botanical Center at the time of pick up.
  • We load your purchased boxes in your vehicle & you’ll be on your merry way!
  • Our plants are well established & many will be blooming at the time of sale. They will require to be checked for watering daily when in your care. We recommend waiting to plant anything outside until all danger of frost occurs, typically after Mothers Day weekend. Which, speaking of- these selections are FANTASTIC Mothers Day gifts for those special ones in your life 
  • Sorry, no substitutions and there are limited quantities of each box available. While we aim to make each box identical, we reserve the right to supplement materials as needed, to provide equitable value. No early, messaged or emailed orders will be considered.

16 plants total for $30 in the Standard Annual Color Box!

Standard Annual Color Box

A mix of warm toned blooming annuals (yellow, orange, red) with one of each of the following: Zonal Geranium, Dahlia, Shrimp Plant, Cigar Plant, Nicotiana, Pentas, & White Ornamental Cabbage. As well as a 3-pack of the following: Lisianthus, Zinnia, & Snapdragon.

29 Plants total for $50 in the Premium Annual Color Box!

Premium Annual Color Box

A mix of pink, purple & white flowers large enough to fill your patio & more! THREE Pentas, TWO Angelonia, TWO Globe Amaranth, Dahlia, Purple Heliotrope, Balloon Plant Milkweed, and Purple Ornamental Cabbage. Variety of FOUR Lisianthus 3-packs as well as 3-packs of Zinnia & Euphorbia 'Glitz'.

7 plants total for $15 in the Standard Herb Box!

Standard Herb Box

An introductory box of Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano & a 3-pack of 'Newton' Basil.

22 Plants total for $40 in the Premium Herb Box!

Premium Herb Box

A huge variety of culinary delights, this box contains a mixed 6-pack of Basil varieties, a mixed 6-pack of cilantro & parsley (3 each), TWO Lavender plants as well as one of each of the following: 'Pesto Perpetuo' Basil, Sage, Pineapple Sage, Lemongrass, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano.

3 plants total for $20 in the Desert Box!

Desert Box

Every box gets a Climbing Sea Onion Plant but from there, none of these boxes are alike! A combination of two different individual 6" round succulents will accompany the Climbing Sea Onion. This box WILL vary per order, each box is different but equitable in value.

9 plants total for $40 in the Tropical Houseplant Box!

Tropical Houseplant Box

A thoughtful variety of unique plants for your home, this box includes one of the following: Furry Feather Calathea, Dragon's Toungue Plant, Crocodile Fern, Clamshell Orchid, Ground Orchid, N'Joy Pothos, False Tilandsia, Peperomia & a Large Foliage Plant (Dumb Cane or Clivia). Bright, indirect light is best for these to grow indoors.

You don't even need a pond for these cuties, buy 2 water lettuce plants for $3 for your aquarium or clear vase of water in the windowsill. The feathery roots are just as beautiful as the pleated foliage.

Water Lettuce