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Dr. Ai Wen

Dr. Ai Wen
Assistant Professor
(319) 273-2670
0421 McCollum Science Hall 117

Post-doctoral training: Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Department of Epidemiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. 2010-2013

Ph.D.: Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program, Rutgers Univ. 2010
Graduate Certificate: Graduate Certificate in GIS. Center for Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis, Rutgers Univ. 2009
B.S.: Ecology and Environmental Biology, Peking Univ., P. R. China 2002

Teaching Interests: 
Life: the Natural World; Organismal Diversity (lecture and lab); Capstone (Food, Energy and Society in Agriculture); Continuity and Change (lab); Ornithology; Methods in Ecology

My research has two foci: 1) wildlife and human interactions in the agricultural ecosystem. I am interested in the ecosystem services provided by pollinators and birds to humans; meanwhile, I am interested to examine the wildlife habitat value of farms and how sustainable agricultural practices can benefit wildlife. 2) I use ecological concepts to examine the microbial communities in human bodies and depict the pattern of human infectious diseases from an ecological perspective.

In the long run, I want to collaborate with my Chinese colleagues to work on wildlife conservation in China.


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