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Dr. Darrell Wiens

(319) 273-6880
McCollum Science Hall 104
  • BA in Biology--Bethel College (North Newton, Kansas)
  • MA in Physiology and Cell Biology--University of Kansas PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology--Kansas State University
  • Post-Doc in Cell Biology--Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
  • D.F Post-Doc in Cell and Developmental Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine Post-Doc in Molecular Developmental Biology, Ohio Agricultural
  • Research and Development Center, Ohio State University
Teaching Interests: 
Developmental Biology of Animals, Anatomy and Physiology, Adhesions and Junctions Among Cells. BIOLOGY. Cell differentiation; morphogenesis; the influence of extracellular macromolecules on development; cytoskeleton changes; gravitational biology; cardiac myogenesis; stem cells; birth defects.

Darrell Wiens focuses on cell motility and the cytoskeleton during development, cadherins during development, secondary neurulation, neural crest cells, heart development, and gravitational biology.

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