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Dr. Kim Cline-Brown

Dr. Kim Cline-Brown
(319) 273-6303
McCollum Science Hall 185
  • Ph.D. 2004 (Biology, Distinction) - University of New Mexico
  • B.A. 1995 (Psychology) - State University of New York Plattsburgh

Teaching Interests: 
Life: Continuity & Change, Life:Natural World, Science & Pseudoscience (Capstone)

Darwinian Medicine, an interdisciplinary approach to understanding medical conditions by using fundamental theories and observations in biology and fusing them with findings in psychology and physical anthropology to develop a comprehensive picture of the mechanisms involved and their adaptive value. Currently, I utilize this approach to study predictors of and treatments for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).


Cline-Brown, K., Watson, P.J. (2005). Investigating major depressive disorder from an evolutionary theory perspective: fitness hindrances and the social navigation hypothesis. In: Devito, J.T. (Ed.), Focus On Depression Research (pp. 15-44). New York: Nova Scientific Publishers.