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Dr. Mark Sherrard

Dr. Mark Sherrard
Associate Professor
(319) 273-2770
McCollum Science Hall 97
  • 2010 PhD University of Guelph, Department of Integrative Biology
  • 2005 MSc University of Guelph, Department of Botany
  • 2003 BSc Mount Allison University, Department of Biology

Teaching Interests: 
• Ecology • Plant Physiology • Organismal Diversity • Capstone: Environment, Technology, and Society
  • The evolution of plant physiological traits
  • The ecosystems services provided by prairie biomass feedstocks
  • Pellish CA, Sherrard ME, Leytem PA, Jackson LL (2017) Small vertebrate granivores reduce seedling emergence in native tallgrass prairie restoration. Restoration Ecology (DOI: 10.1111/rec.12557)
  • Hein JA, Sherrard ME, Manfreddi K, Abebe T (2016) The fifth leaf and spike organs of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) display different physiological and metabolic responses to drought stress. BMC: Plant Biology 16:248
  • Abernathy JE, Graham DRJ, Sherrard ME, Smith D (2016) Productivity and resistance to weed invasion in four prairie biomass feedstocks with different diversity. Global Change Biology Bioenergy 8:1082-1092.
  • Sherrard ME, Joers LC, Carr CM, Cambardella CA (2015) Soil type and species diversity influence selection on physiology in Panicum virgatum. Evolutionary Ecology 29:679-702.
  • Johnson D, Sherrard ME, Domec J-C, Jackson R (2014) Role of aquaporin activity in regulating deep and shallow root hydraulic conductance during extreme drought. Trees – Structure and Function 28:1323-1331.
  • Sherrard ME, Maherali H (2012) Local adaptation across a fertility gradient is influenced by soil biota in the invasive grass, Bromus inermis. Evolutionary Ecology 26: 529-544.
  • Maherali H, Caruso CM, Sherrard ME, Latta RG (2010) Adaptive value and costs of physiological plasticity to soil moisture limitation in recombinant inbred lines of Avena barbata. American Naturalist 175:211-224.    
  • Maherali H, Caruso CM, Sherrard ME (2009) The adaptive significance of ontogenetic changes in physiology: a test in Avena barbata. New Phytologist 183:908-918.
  • Sherrard ME, Maherali H, Latta RG (2009) Water stress alters the genetic architecture of functional traits associated with drought adaptation in Avena barbata. Evolution 63:702-715.
  • Maherali H, Sherrard ME, Clifford MH, Latta RG (2008) Leaf hydraulic conductivity and photosynthesis are genetically correlated in an annual grass. New Phytologist 180:240-247.
  • Sherrard ME, Maherali H (2006) The adaptive significance of drought escape in Avena barbata, an annual grass. Evolution 60:149-160.
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