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Our Successful Students

  • UNI biology students are extremely successful in gaining admission to medical programs such as University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and Des Moines University.  Admission rates for our students are consistently three to five times better than national averages.  For students admitted to medical programs, biology is the most common major.

  • Many of our biology students go on to be medical doctors, dentists, physical therapists, veterinarians, occupational therapists, optometrists, pharmacists, nurses, and physicians assistants.  Our students have tremendous advantages because of the scientific background that a biology degree provides and because of the personal enrichment opportunities (like research, field experiences, and opportunities for international travel) that are available with biology faculty.

  • Many of our undergraduate researchers gain valuable experience by presenting and by publishing their work.  See some examples at UNI Scholarworks Biology Undergraduate Student Work.

  • For students interested in continuing scientific research beyond their BS or BA degree, undergraduate research opportunities have propelled our recent graduates on to graduate work at top universities (for example, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Florida State University, University of Texas, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska), studying a vast array of topics that includes, for example, genetics, autism, evolutionary biology, cancer, and ecology.  

  • Students in our Masters in Biology program prepare for future careers with exciting research opportunities.  See some examples of graduate student work at UNI Scholarworks Biology Theses.

  • Our student clubs and pre-professional organizations are active, engaged groups of students working together to serve the community, to help each other prepare for entry exams to professional programs, and to facilitate interactions with professional schools.

  • Ecological and conservation research at UNI is supported by a strong partnership between departmental faculty and the UNI Tallgrass Prairie Center, providing hands-on opportunities for undergraduate- and graduate-student researchers.

  • Our science education program is unique and exciting because students gain top-notch training both from biologists and from science education specialists, leading to a degree in biology along with the professional education sequence needed for teachers in Iowa.