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Research and Scholarly Activity in the UNI Biology Department

Research is a key activity at UNI. Research contributes to the body of scientific knowledge and trains the scientists of the future. Faculty members work with colleagues and with students to investigate, present and publish research in many areas. Publications include local, national and international journals, as well as reports and publications with various agencies and institutions, along with other scholarly contributions.  Many of our publications can be found at UNI Scholarworks.

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Faculty Areas of Interest

Anatomy & Physiology



Nathan Bird - Vertebrate Anatomy
David Saunders - Environmental Physiology
Carl Thurman - Animal Physiology

Julie Kang - Plant Developmental Morphology

Cell & Molecular Biology

Tilahun Abebe - Genetics, Functional Genomics, Stress Physiology
Jerreme Jackson - Microbiology and Bacterial Pathogens
James Jurgenson - Genetics
David McClenahan - Cell Biology, Immunology
Nilda Rodriguez - Cell Biology, Microbiology
Carl Thurman - Animal Physiology
Michael Walter - Microbiology, Virology

Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology

Pete Berendzen - Systematics and Evolution of Fish
Faculty/Student ResearchMaureen Clayton - Oceanography
Jim Demastes - Host-parasite coevolution
Kenneth Elgersma - Biostatistics, Ecology
Laura Jackson - Conservation Biology, Plant Population Biology
Mark Myers - Conservation Biology
Steve O'Kane - Plant Systematics
John Ophus - Entomology
Kurt Pontasch - Ecotoxicology
Marek Sliwinski - Molecular and Developmental Plant Biology
Theresa Spradling - Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
Jeff Tamplin - Herpetology
Ai Wen - Pollinator and Prairie Ecology

Science Education

Jesse Wilcox - Science Education